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GB1693 - Administrative Assistant

Business Unit: Wholesale Banking
Division: Corporate Banking
Department: Corporate Banking
Contract Type: Full Time
Area/Branches: Head Office
Closing Date: 10-May-2016

About Gulf Bank

Gulf Bank was established in 1960 and has since progressed to becoming an industry-leading financial services provider complemented by a large network of 55 branches strategically positioned in key locations across Kuwait.

The main groups of the Bank are Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, International Banking and Treasury.

Job Purpose:

To provide standard administrative support to a department and or/ Manager by efficiently carrying out general clerical / department specific & project based work.

  1. 1 Opening New Accounts - Check application forms, prepare legal documents, send memo to legal for approval
    2 Approval on New Cheques (requests from clients) from Marketing, legal and CPU departments.
    3 Request for new Online Banking facilities 
    4 Memos to loans -new DD's, rollovers, pre-settlements
    5 Follow-up on issuing of New Personal/Corporate Credit Cards
    6 Handling transfers (TT and local) from clients 
    7 Contacting clients directly for any amendments in TT's
    8 Faxing clients their notices for overdrawn accounts;payments due
    9 Preparing tickets for FD approvals, e-mailing it to the FD department
    10 Locating/requesting advice copies for clients 
    11 Send request / Book for drivers for call visits
    12 Check with CPU/VOSTRO for incoming funds 
    13 Check with CPU for scanning of signatures/Sweep transfers/standing instructions
    14 Requesting offline statements (urgent offline statements from IT)
    15 Checking for proceeds in escrow accounts on daily basis 
    16 Following up on Salary transfer related issues/problems
    17 Checking with NOSTRO/Swift room for TT's not received by beneficiaries
    18 Checking with Credit admin for limit setup related issues/problems.
    19 Check with CPU/Branch for discrepancies in cheques/transfers
    20 Providing copies of closed/ o/s LG's and LC's and related GB72's to RM's
    21 Printing reports from Business Objects for clients/RMs
    22 Printing/Delivering legal documents to credit admin for preparation of borrowing docs
    23 Preparing a report on Irregular accounts on daily basis/preparing the report for remedial based on comments provided by officers
    24 Getting GB72 to RMs (for clients who have urgent requests) directly from Trade Finance(TF)
    25 Follow-up and preparation of the Shares Compliance/Documentation os/insurance policy reports to credit administration, based on comments from RM
    26 Preparation of internal memos to settle overdrawn accounts
    27 In direct contact with clients for renewal/new FD's 
    28 Calculating loan interest for clients who debate on interest charged, preparing memo to waive/refund interest
    29 Follow-up with credit administration for issues related to Collaterals
    30 Submitting of legal documents to credit admisinstration for preparation of borrowing documents
    31 Sending clients notifications on irregularity in accounts, due dates of payments/settlements
    32 Filing of Shares Compliance/Documentation os/insurance policy reports 
    33 Maintain a database of all calls attended by RMs
    34 Preparation of internal memos to settle overdrawn accounts
    35 Settlement of credit cards, requesting credit card statements for clients
    36 Preparing memos to credit admin to disburse proceeds in escrow accounts
    37 Verifying Signature  on client requests
    38 Checking for availability of funds for transfers
Education, Knowledge, Experience and Skills:

    Education / Qualifications: Graduate

    Knowledge:  MS Office Proficient, Telephone Manners

    Experience:   2 - 3years experience in a similar role, in a professional office environment

    Generic & Specific Skills:

    • Communication Skills
    • Computer literacy
    • Interdepartmental coordination
    • Organization skills
    • Proficiency in English preferred or Bilingual
    Note: you will be required to attach the following:
    1. Resume / CV

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