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GB1749 - Officer - Trade Finance

Business Unit: Support Groups
Division: Operations
Department: Trade Finance
Contract Type: Full Time
Area/Branches: Head Office
Closing Date: 24-Oct-2016

About Gulf Bank

Gulf Bank was established in 1960 and has since progressed to becoming an industry-leading financial services provider complemented by a large network of 55 branches strategically positioned in key locations across Kuwait.

The main groups of the Bank are Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, International Banking and Treasury.

Job Purpose:

-To perform various standard and specialized processing /clerical duties regarding LC, LG, Collection & Bills in order to initiate processing, liquidation, discounting and acceptance.

  •  Processing: Initiate processing of LC, LG, Collection & Bills in the system to generate LC/LG Instrument / Arrival notifications and / or refusal advices to correspondent for discrepant documents and thereby obtain accurate financial data related to LC/LG/Coll and documents.
  • Settlement Processing: Process settlement of collection, bills & claims following approved policies and procedures and ensuring approval according to credit delegation.
  • Data Entry: Clear outstanding entries in Nostro accounts and close utilized LG/LCs on the system, so that data is well organized.
  •  Customer Relations: Attend customer queries and respond with required information, ensuring adequate closure for all related queries.
  •  Document Management: Release documents to customer by acknowledgment of receipt and maintain adequate follow-up with customers on discrepant documents concerning their refusal / acceptance of documents.

Generic Accountabilities:

  • Operational Compliance: Adhere to the directives of Line Manager.
  •  Corporate Governance: Follow all relevant operational procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
  •  Risk Management: Conform to risk policies and procedures to       minimize the error ratios and customer frauds.
  • AML Compliance: Comply with AML and other policies. Ensure to stay updated on all existing rules and changes thereto.
Education, Knowledge, Experience and Skills:
  • Education / Qualifications: Diploma in related studies / Higher Secondary School Certificate
  • Knowledge: International Customs and Practices (UCP600, URR725, ISBP2007, ISP98, URDG758 & URC 522) and Swift formats.
  • Experience: 2 - 4 yrs in Documentary Credit  Operations
  • Generic & Specific Skills:
  • Communication
  • Risk Management
  • Computer Literacy
  • Planning
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / CV

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